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Reviewer Panel Guidelines

Scirj understand the role of reviewers in quality publication of research papers in any fields. The reviewer panel of Scirj comprises the expert professional from different fields.

To Join Scirj Editorial Board and review panel:
Each reviewer of Scirj must have doctorate in his field and has a professional experience of at least 5 years post doctorate. Reviewer must have good research experience in his expertise fields.

Scirj reviewer must follow reviewer guidelines regarding their responsibility and process for achieving the same.

Reviewer Guidelines:
  1. Reviewer must complete the review process within 7 working days. All of the proposed changes must be provided in an easily traceable manner. However an extension can be provided on case basis.
  2. Reviewer is not allowed to start the review of another research paper until the first one is not completed.
  3. All comments of reviewer must be constructive in order to improve the quality and value of submitted research work.
  4. Final decision of publication resides with Editorial board of Scirj considering the feedback from reviewer panel.

Applications are invited to join editorial/review board and to join send updated profile to


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