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Scientific Research Journal

Scientific Research Journal Scirj, Scientific Research Journal, is a peer-reviewed open access journal that meets high quality standards by exercising peer review and editorial quality control. Scirj encourages open access and is universally accessible online journal. Scirj covers the publication of research articles from all areas of Science, art, management and technology.

All original research papers published by Scirj are made freely accessible online with full text immediately upon publication. Authors publishing with Scirj retain the copyright to their work but only transferring the publication rights to Scirj which allows article to be published and cited without any restriction. All published research papers are indexed and archived in different open and paid platforms. Scirj charges research paper publication fees to span the cost of online publishing.

Open-access journals
Scirj is open access scholarly journal of scientific research with free access of scientific papers that are available online to the readers. Research papers from such journals are read and cited without any financial, legal, or technical barriers. The authors of published research paper retain copyright of their original work allowing only free access to open world.

Scirj provide unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. Open-access is provided to a long array of work including theses, scholarly monographs and book chapters. Usually Open-access is provided free without any charges.

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Publication details:
Journal: Scientific Research Journal (Scirj)
Periodical: Monthly
ISSN: 2201-2796

Cited By: CrossRef
DOI: 10.31364/SCIRJ

SCIRJ Research Library: Scirj maintain all published paper in Research Library based on XML Encoding of Simple Dublin Core Metadata.


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Comparative expression of adhesion protein N-cadherin in oral lichen planus versus other precancerous and cancerous oral conditions

A Study on Mouse Movement Features to Identify User

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