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Scirj Volume VI, Issue III, March 2018 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Quality Control Production Process of Wheat Flour at PT. Eastern Pearl Flour Mills Makassar

Farhanah Ramdhani Sumardi, Sumardi

Abstract: This study aim was to test the consistency of wheat flour production process, level of Deffect Per Million Opportunity or DPMO and Sigma level from wheat flour production process especially Dua Pedang product at PT. Eastern Pearl Flour Mills Makassar. The data used in this study consisted of primary data and secondary data both qualitatively and quantitatively related to wheat flour production process. Primary data were obtained through direct observation and interviews with various interested parties. Secondary data were obtained from the documents or reports related to production process through 100 sample testing of the products during January – March 2017. The results of this study indicates that wheat flour production process for Dua Pedang have not been fully consistent because of one of the four Critical to Quality (CTQ) in this case ash, there are seventy nine of 100 sample points out of control chart. So also the results of DPMO and Sigma have not fully perfect, as seen in the following research figures; moisture content totaling 0,000205 DPMO with the rate of 6 Sigma, protein content totaling 18610 DPMO with the rate of 3,58 Sigma, ash content totaling 500000 DPMO with the rate of 1,50 Sigma and wet gluten content totaling 5892 DPMO with the rate of 4,02 Sigma.

Reference this Paper: Quality Control Production Process of Wheat Flour at PT. Eastern Pearl Flour Mills Makassar by Farhanah Ramdhani Sumardi, Sumardi published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VI, Issue III, March 2018 Edition, Page 1-9 ".

Search Terms: Quality Control, Wheat Flour, DPMO, Sigma Level, CTQ

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