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Scirj Volume VI, Issue VI, June 2018 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Identity Contestation of Contemporary Painting Art in Makassar

Muh. Faisal, Supriadi Hamdat, Muhammad Basir, Halilintar Latief

Abstract: This study was intended to describe the identity and practices of painting art through the struggle and identity contestation among artists in Makassar. It is characterized by symbolic diversity in painting art as the manifestation of artist identity. In collecting the data, the researcher used participant-observation by applying ethnographic approaches, especially at art exhibition moments such as the Makassar Biennale, and other art exhibitions held by Makassarese artists. Pierre Bourdieu theory of habitus, capital, and arena became one of the theoretical approaches that researcher used to describe the social practices in the field of fine art in Makassar. The objectives achieved in this study were classified based on the knowledge system, institutional system, and economic system practiced by Makassarese artists. The results of this study revealed that the ideological knowledge of artists was closely related to the symbolic knowledge created through the painting art. The work of art was created on the basis of personal function which tends to be mimetic; while painting art which was created based on social function has two aspects, namely idealism (social realism) and profit (imitationalism). Furthermore, work of art was created based on physical function which tends to present works of art mix media and artwork use (craft). The concepts were practiced based on the contestation of artists in presenting the discourse of contemporary fine art in Makassar. Based on the results of this study, it was found that the identity politics of Makassarese artists were not fully separable from economic politics, in which there was a process of artistic diffusions through discourse and symbolic system among artists that have been segmented through institutions, agencies and other socio-economic classes.

Reference this Paper: Identity Contestation of Contemporary Painting Art in Makassar by Muh. Faisal, Supriadi Hamdat, Muhammad Basir, Halilintar Latief published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VI, Issue VI, June 2018 Edition, Page 15-24 ".

Search Terms: Contestation, Identity, Visual Arts, and Contemporary Art Discourse

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