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Scirj Volume VI, Issue XII, December 2018 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796


J.A Arewa, E.O Alor, and E Akpoguma

Abstract: This research work was on the dried seeds of soya bean which was crushed and sieved into fine powdered. The powder sample was weighed (70g) and collected into a clean cellophane bag to prevent contamination. Oil was extracted from the powdered soya bean seed, the colour of oil was pale yellow and the percentage oil content of the soybean seed was found to be 28.57% per 70 gusing 250ml of 100% n-hexane as solvent. The mixture set was left for two days (48hours) before the extracted oil/solvent were collected. The oil was further separated from the solvent through distillation and heating at a temperature of 60-800C. The distilling solvent was trapped in the thimble, while the oil remained in the round bottle flask of the distillation apparatus. Analysis was carried out on the oil and the result ware recorded. Two different paints were produced using the soya bean oil; Firstly, emulsion paint was formulated with the oil been used directly as the resin (binder). Secondly, the oil was further refined by reacting with glycerol at a temperature of 250-260oC in order to convert the oil to it monoester. The product formed was further polymerized with phthalic anhydride (benzene-1,2-dicarboxylic anhydride) to produce the alkyd resin. Oil (gloss) paint was produced using the alkyd resin produced as a binder. From the analyses carried out on both paints, it showed that the oil paint has a density of 1.21g/cm3,specific gravity 1.21, drying time 22hrs, opacity 5.4m2/L and the emulsion paint also has the following properties, density 1.32g/cm3, specific gravity 1.32, drying time 26hrs, opacity 6.2m2. The oil and emulsion paints conformed to both the NIS and PMAN standards.

Reference this Paper: EXTRACTION OF SOYA BEAN OIL FOR THE FORMULATION OF OIL AND EMULSION PAINT by J.A Arewa, E.O Alor, and E Akpoguma published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VI, Issue XII, December 2018 Edition, Page 64-70 ".

Search Terms: Soybean Oil, Emulsion paint and Oil paint

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