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Scirj Volume VIII, Issue VIII, August 2020 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Online Library System to Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library in Galle area in Sri Lanka

Kusum Priyanath Jayasinghe

Abstract: In southern province there are available 2,654,000 of population and 1,063,334 of people who are in Galle district. Also there are 101,159 of people in Galle Municipal Council. At present 225,458 of school children are in Galle district. The members of the Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library- Galle are 40988 and among these members most consists of students and other consists of adults in according to 2020 statistic of Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library. Too Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library, Galle consists of the 118822 of Books among these Books 22200 of Reference Books are included in Public Library Galle and Public Library Galle has three branches which situated in Maligaspe, MaGalle, Katugoda (Deveta). Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library, Galle is a main library in Galle district and consists of large resources. At present there are no online library system for Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library, Galle and maintain all its functions manually. Therefore they have to put fair amount of effort to prepare the user registration, book reservation, late fine fee, and annual reports. A large number of end-user currently use this library, therefore it is a huge necessity to have proper Information System. In this time library face high cost for management and low income from external resources such as users. Using this online library system can help to reduce staff and retain income and also contain less expenditure. In order to get maximum benefits from this system, library need at least several computers and related equipments. According to newly proposed system, system output maybe Electronic Books to End Users or/and Physical Books through the library staff delivery service. Library delivery system reduce the valuable time of End users. The major advantage of this online system will be reduced the workload, less time consuming, less expenditure and retain income.

Reference this Paper: Online Library System to Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library in Galle area in Sri Lanka by Kusum Priyanath Jayasinghe published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VIII, Issue VIII, August 2020 Edition, Page 23-26 ".

Search Terms: Dr. Richard Pathirana Public Library - Galle, Online-Library System, E-Books, Physical Books

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