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Scientific Research Journal

Scirj Volume VII, Issue VII, July 2019 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Publication starts: 25th July 2019
Full Paper available from: 25th July 2019

Relationship Between School Feeding Programme and the Pupils’ Effectiveness in Learning in Public Primary Schools in Kitui County
Evelyne Mwendwa & Justus Gori

Abstract: To participate effectively in the economic development of the country, hunger ought to be controlled. This can be done if feeding programme are introduced in schools. School Feeding Programme (SFP) was initiated in Kenya in 1979 with provision of milk packets to the pupils and it was fully implemented in 1980 by the government of Kenya with collaboration with World Food Programme (WFP), though it has not led to desired outcome in many parts of the country. The objective of this study was to assess the relationship between SFPs and the pupils’ retention in public primary schools in Kitui County. The study intended to assess retention as one of the indicators of effectiveness in learning. The study used Classical Liberal Theory of equal opportunity and Maslow’s theory of Human motivation. The researcher used survey research design. The target population was 374 primary schools under feeding programme in Kitui County. The sample size was 112 schools which are 30% of the target population. These schools were sampled randomly.
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Association between Antenatal Care and Infant Mortality in Bangladesh: Multivariate Survival Regression Analysis
A H M Musfiqur Rahman Nabeen, Most. Sonia Khatun, Md. Shahajada Mia, Md. Maidul Husain

Abstract: There is a significant improvement in infant survival over several decades in Bangladesh but the rate of infant mortality is still at unsatisfactory level. In many developing countries where primary healthcare requirements including antenatal care services are not generally available the infant mortality rate is not at acceptable level. Antenatal care is very important both for the health of mothers and children. Using Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS), 2014 data, this study made an attempt to examine the relationship between antenatal care and infant mortality employing survival regression model. Estimation results suggest that the children whose mothers did not receive antenatal care are about three times as likely to die during infancy than the children whose mothers received antenatal care during pregnancy period (HR=2.84, 95% CI: 2.14, 3.63), controlling for sex of the child, birth status, skilled birth assistance, birth order number, mother’s age at birth, BMI, education level, wealth status, type of place of residence and region. The results also indicate that antenatal care is significantly negatively associated with infant mortality without controlling other risk factors. Hence the availability of antenatal care associated logistic supports should be increased at the peripheral level to improve the child survival in Bangladesh.
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Nutritional, Phytochemical and Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy Profiling of Vernonia amygdalina Seeds
Adebayo O.R., Efunwole O.O., Adegoke B.M., Raimi M.M.and Adedokun A.A.

Abstract: Nutritional composition, phytochemicals and Fourier transforminfra-red spectroscopy profiling of Vernonia amygdalina seeds were investigated using standard procedures. The proximate composition (%) of the Vernonia amygdalina seeds was found to be; ash (9.828±0.195), moisture (5.447 ±0.070), crude fat (9.480 ± 0.480), crude fibre (23.124 ± 0.780), protein ( 25.235 ± 0.000) and carbohydrate contents (26.886 ± 0.000). The seeds also contains appreciable amount of vitamins (mg/g); Vitamin C (50.807 ± 0.832), vitamin B1 (0.096 ± 0.001) and vitamin B2 (0.055 ± 0.005).The mineral content of the sample (mg/kg) were sodium (30.400), potassium (85.100), calcium (61.200), magnesium (6.185), iron (1.072), zinc (0.311) and manganese (0.273).The phytochemical analyses showed that total phenol, saponins, alkaloid, flavonoids, glycosides and tannins were present while terpenoids and anthraquinones were absent. The results from the infrared spectrum characterize the bioactive compounds present in the Vernonia amygdalina seeds sample. It is advantageous to incorporate Vernonia amygdalina seeds as food supplement for human and livestock benefits.
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Analysis of Customers Purchase Patterns of E-Commmerce Transactions Using Apriori Algoritm and Sales Forecasting Analysis With Weighted Moving Average (WMA) Method
Nanang Riyadi, Muhammad Fariz Mulki, Richard Susanto

Abstract: The challenge of today e-commerce companies is how to extract large data into information for decision making, especially in terms of promoting products to be relevant, effective and efficient. At this time the XYZ company uses product category data as the main parameter in promoting its products to customers, but the method used is not optimal and efficient because promotions are not displayed to potential customers based on customer purchasing patterns. so that the sales target is not achieved, therefore market basket analysis is needed to find and understand the basic patterns of association rules that occur in customer purchase transactions. In this study the algorithm used is the Apriori algorithm, apriori algorithm is chosen because the resulting association rules have higher accuracy than the FP-Growth algorithm. Then the results of the apriori algorithm association rules are used as a reference in determining the items to be promoted, then sales forecasting is carried out with the Weighted Moving Average (WMA) method to predict the estimated total sales. The results of this study are apriori algorithm that has a higher accuracy value of 130.75 accompanied by sales forecasting analysis with a weighted moving average method that can be implemented in association rules generated from the Apriori algorithm so that it can help companies make decisions in the category of products that are sold a lot.
Read Full Paper Reference this paper Page 45-58

Susi Juniar , Tjahja Supriatna , Jossy Adiwisastra, Dewi Sulistyani

Abstract: The objective of this study is to analyze the influence of leadership commitment, health facilities, human resources quality and community participation on the performance of health services at the Community Health Service Centre (locally called Puskemas) in Bogor regency, Indonesia. This study used quantitative method, namely, multiple regression analysis. The number of sample collected by using Slovin Formula was 350 respondents. The instrument to collect the data was by using questionnaires. The study found that leadership commitment, health facilities, and human resources quality have significant influenced partially on the performance of health services at the Community Health Service Center in Bogor Regency, Indonesia. Of these four variables, it was found that health facilities and the leadership commitment were found to have positive influence on the performance of health services at the Community Health Service Center in Bogor Regency. This suggests that serious attention to improve leadership commitment and health facilities in the community health services center in Bogor Regency is a must. If not, the performance of health services at the Community Health Services Center will not be effective. Thus, much remain to be done by the regional government as well as by the central government of Indonesia.
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Novita Wulandari, H. Musa Hubeis, Tjahja Supriatna , Dewi Sulistyani

Abstract: The roles of the government, business actors and the community are very important in improving the effectiveness of development of tourism. This study has two objectives. First, to analyse determinant factors of the effectiveness of development of tourism potentialss. Second, to formulate tourism development model. The location of this study is in Sarolangun Regency, Jambi, Indonesia. The methods used to examine the objectives of the study were both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The data was collected by using questionnaires. The number of sample collected was 100 people. In addition to that, field observation, interviews, and focus group discussion with the relevant stakeholders were undertaken to support the quantitative method. The results showed that determinant factors of the effectiveness of tourism development in Sarolangun Regency are the policy implementation, investment and business actors. These factors determined significantly the effectiveness of development of tourism potentials partially as well as jointly. The joint effects of these three independent variables on the effectiveness of development of tourism potentials in Sarolangun were found to be 57 percent. To realize the tourism development model works, the study suggests as follows. First, it is important to restructure regional tourism organization in this regency by involving the participation of the governments at the regency, provincial and national levels, business actors, and community at large. Second, it is important to improve the public transportation coverage, communication networks and road access from and to tourist destinations. Third, it is important to provide supporting facilities including souvenir shops, restaurants, homestays, parking space, and other tourist attractions in each destination. Finally, better training toward tourism human resources is a must including tour guides and communities around tourist destination as well.
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School Plant and Success of Entrepreneurial Subjects in Public Secondary Schools in Afikpo Education Zone of Ebonyi State
Dr. Uwaoma Akwu Ude, Dr. Uma Sunnny Okechukwu, Dr. Nwose Livinus

Abstract: The research study investigated the availability of school plants and success of entrepreneurial subjects in secondary schools in Afikpo Educational Zone of Ebonyi State. The design of the study was a descriptive survey which had a population of Ninety five (95) principals and the sample wad s purposive sample ad the entire Ninety five (95) was converted to be sample. The instrument used for the study ws a 10 item structured questionnaire titled school plant and the success of the entrepreneurial subject’s questionnaire (SPESQ). Two (2) research questions and two (2) hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance and mean was used in answering the research questions while Z-test was used in testing the hypotheses. The finding reveled that only few schools had listed school plants and the available ones were not used because of lack of subject teachers in the subjects it was recommended that Government provide enough equipment and personnel ready before introducing any innovating curriculum in her schools.
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Digital Health
Neville Greening

Abstract: The changes that are taking place in the healthcare sector are essential to social and intellectual evolution. Modern medicine is heavily dependent on the written and printed word to store data. However, computers have revolutionized the way information is kept and retrieved in the sense that computers not only cache information, but they also record clinical data and generate medical knowledge. Hence, digital health is the future and is more precise, efficient, experimental, and widely distributed. These features contribute towards technological development that ensures the creation of a new paradigm of medicine. While the adoption of digital health has promised various advantages in the cost savings, elimination of address and the improvement of patients’ outcomes, there are still a few challenges that need attention before these advantages can be thoroughly practical. This paper explores the political, social, ethnic, and racial factors that could limit the adaptation of digital health.
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Macroeconomic Determinants of Non-Performing Loans in Bangladesh: An ARDL Approach
Md. Ziaul Hasan

Abstract: This paper empirically studies the macroeconomic factors determining the non-performing loans (NPLs) of the banking institutions in Bangladesh. Using a set of time series data from 2000 to 2017, Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) method was employed to discover the significant relationships between the variables. The study concludes that macroeconomic variables namely Gross Domestic Product Growth Rate (GDPGR) and Inflation Rate (INFR) have no significant impact on the level of NPLs in Bangladesh. The result of this research is useful to assist banks and the regulators for policy formulation and also help researchers for their study relating to NPL.
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Abstract: Every Insurance undertaking has to do with risk evaluation to ensure that the insurance business is always solvent and continue to exist. Health insurance like life insurance funds and non-life insurance funds must ensure that it remains in business and can discharge their liabilities as at when due. Hence the need to keep adequate reserves or economic capital always. The paper derives the methodology for deriving premiums taking into consideration the incidence of sickness and the medical bills. They are both assumed to follow a normal distribution with known means and standard deviations. The extra liability or reserves that must be kept is shown in a functional relationship. Various probabilities of ruin are used to compute the reserves. The reserves increases from 12.089% of the expected liability for a probability of ruin of 0.25 to 53.562% of normal liability for a probability of ruin of .001. The Insurance provider wants an almost guarantee that ruin or insolvency is impossible it goes for a probability of ruin of 0.001 and reserves is more than half the expected liabilities .
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Adeloye A.A., Melodi A.O.

Abstract: Electrical networks can be classified, territorially, into national, district, local grids with each section of the electric power system (EPS) possessing its unique voltage transfer capabilities and protection schemes. A peculiarity with the safety scheme of a typical district network is the inclusion of alternatives power transfer laterals and protective elements as backup in event of a failure occurrence or the need for routine maintenance to be conducted on the primary distribution network. This publication reveals the design of an alternative route for feeding Akure district distribution network from the existing national electric power grid.
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Syamsul Kamal, Mediaty, Sanusi Fattah

Abstract: This study aims to analyze (i) the effect of participation of school budget and assessment on budgetary slack; and (ii) the effect of participation of school budget and assessment on budgetary slack by considering compliance with accounting rules as a moderating variable. Quantitative approaches are used to test and analyze the factors that influence budgetary slack. Research location in Palopo City, South Sulawesi Province. The research schedule is carried out in one semester. The population in this study were all members of the senior high school or vocational school budgeting team in Palopo City as many as 138 people. Withdrawal the number of samples in this study using saturated sampling. Data collection techniques using a questionnaire. The measurement scale used is a Likert scale with five components. Data analysis techniques in this study used regression analysis with the Moderating Regression Analysis (MRA) method. The results showed that participation of school budget and assessment had a negative and significant effect on budgetary slack, so the first hypothesis was rejected. Compliance with accounting rules moderates (positive influence of participation of school budget and assessment on budgetary slack), thus the second hypothesis is accepted.
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Spatial and Temporal Baseflow Filtering of River Nzoia in Nzoia Basin
Juma Shadrack Wegulo , Professor Basilo O’ngor , Dr Caroline Kwamboka

Abstract: : In Nzoia River, water quality and quantity has been hypothesized to be deteriorating due to human activities in the recent past. Water quantity and quality are highly stressed because of the increase in water demand which is contributed to by the high growth in population, urbanization, food, and energy production. The purpose of this study was to determine the spatial and temporal variation of water quality and quantity as a result of Baseflow filtering using WETSPRO Tool. The study was guided by the following study objectives; To determine the water quality in the upper and lower sections of the river in Nzoia River; determine the flow/discharge rate in different sections of the river in Nzoia River; determine the WETSPRO calibration and validation in Nzoia River and to predict the quality and the quantity of the water in the upper and lower sections of Nzoia River. An experimental research design was adopted during the study. The target population consisted of water samples collected from three sample points in the Nzoia River. The sample size was made of two sample points where the two were selected after meeting the requirement of the dropping from the top of a waterfall in order to create the upstream and downstream. Water Engineering Time Series PROcessing tool (WETSPRO) was used in the analysis of the datasheet. The results revealed, the water quality of River Nzoia ranged from excellent to fair in the downstream direction attributed to increase in pollution levels as evidenced by high water turbidity, poor transparency, low species richness, composition and diversity of the benthic macro-invertebrate fauna. This was due to natural forces and increase in anthropogenic activities. On the discharge rate from different sections of River Nzoia, the study concluded that different sections of the river had different discharge rate.
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Lactose Intolerance in Patients Fulfilling The Rome-III Criteria for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a Tertiary Hospital in Bangladesh
Mohammad Sofiul Kadir, Mohammed Shafiqul Islam Bhuiyan, Md.Shahidur Rahman, Md.Shakhawat Hossain, Mohammad Abu Faisal, Jannatul Ferdous Suma, M.M. Sarowar Jahan

Abstract: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder in our daily clinical practice which is a chronic, relapsing gastrointestinal problem, characterized by abdominal pain, bloating and changes in bowel habit. Symptoms caused by lactose malabsorption may be confused with those of IBS and the two disorders can also co-exist in the same person. The aim of this study was to see the prevalence of lactose intolerance in persons with IBS and also to see the prevalence of lactose intolerance in persons without IBS. This observational study was carried out in the Department of Gastroenterology of BSMMU, Dhaka during July 2010 to September 2011.Total 100 patients fulfilling Rome III criteria for IBS and 30 age and sex matched people without having any symptoms of IBS or organic gastrointestinal disease or systemic disease were enrolled and were advised for lactose tolerance test (LTT). For lactose tolerance test fasting blood glucose level was measured, then 50gm of lactose was given orally and blood glucose was measured after 30mins of ingestion of lactose.
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Scirj, Volume VIII [2020]
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