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Scirj Volume IV, Issue X, October 2016 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796


Dr. Udeh Francis , Ayoola-Akinjobi, Olayemi

Abstract: Accounting information is indispensable in managing activities of any organization; it provides quantitative information about economic entities. Management are constantly faced with the problem of decision making, coordinating, directing and controlling; it is therefore essential for them to have access to good accounting information for proper and accurate decision making, maximization of profit and optimal utilization of scarce resources. Data were gathered to analyse the relationship between accounting information system and strategic decision making process, it was analysed using Pearson correlation coefficient through SPSS. The study uncovers that accounting information system is indispensable to the activities of management in academic institutions especially private setup in Nigeria, there was strong positive correlation between the two variables; implying that accounting information system strongly influence and enhances strategic decision making in the organization.

Reference this Paper: ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM AS AIDS TO MANAGERIAL PERFORMANCES by Dr. Udeh Francis , Ayoola-Akinjobi, Olayemi published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume IV, Issue X, October 2016 Edition, Page 1-7 ".

Search Terms: Accounting information system, University, Control, Strategic decision making, Performances

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