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Scirj Volume II, Issue X, October 2014 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796


Dian Ferricha, Thohir Luth, Abdul Rachmad Budiono, Sihabuddin

Abstract: Wage protection was always being spoken by labor and was one normative demand that until today still left lots of problems for labor world thus give birth to several legal issues in industrial relation. Legal issues in wage area would include unfairness for labor concerning direction and wage policy in Indonesia. By accomodating shariah wage principle, it may give solution for lack of principles in wage in Indonesia, in which most of its labor were Moslem. In addition, shariah wage principle had several advantage which lies in fairness, appropriateness, punctuality, responsible, and humanity aspect which is framed in moral framework. This moral aspect concerning shariah wage, if being traced back, could be used as main philosophy of labor law in the world and also labor law in Indonesia. Therefore, shariah wage principle in industrial relation would consists of three aspects in which each aspect would hold seven principles such as follows: 1) theology principle as the representation of faith or ideological aspects, 2) fairness principle, 3) appropriateness principle, 4) punctuality principle, 5) nation responsibility principle, these four as the representation of shariah or normative aspect, and 6) kinship principle, 7) trust principle, these both as the representation of moral aspect of shariah.

Reference this Paper: SHARIAH WAGE PRINCIPLE WITHIN INDUSTRIAL RELATION by Dian Ferricha, Thohir Luth, Abdul Rachmad Budiono, Sihabuddin published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume II, Issue X, October 2014 Edition, Page 1-9 ".

Search Terms: principle, wage, shariah, industrial relation, Indonesia

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