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Scirj Volume VIII, Issue VI, June 2020 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Present status and future prospects of ornamental fishes at Chattogram region in Bangladesh

Uachash Barua, Sk. Ahmad-Al-Nahid

Abstract: The study was conducted on present status of ornamental fishes and its future prospects from January, 2018 to December, 2018 where thirteen (13) aquarium shops were found in Chattogram. Through a well-designed research framework and questionnaire thirty six (36) aquarium species were enlisted in the study among which thirty four (34) were freshwater species and two (2) of them were marine origins. Order ‘Cypriniformes’(44.12%) and family ‘Cyprinidae’(38.24%) were most popular among ornamental fish market. In our survey, Cyprinus carpio and Carassius auratus (Orenda) were most abundantly found to sell in aquarium shops. Cichlasoma Citrinellum (1200 BDT) of order ‘Perciformes’ was the highest while Pangasius pangasius (20 BDT) of order ‘Siluiriformes’ was the lowest valuable aquarium species in Chattogram. Poor quality of local species and insufficient local hatchery was marked as the major constraint in ornamental fish business. Marketing channel no. 2 was found most popular where aquarium species reach to keepers from Kataban market via traders of Chattogram. 47% of customers in Chattogram didn’t face any major problem and 50% of them were recorded to purchase ornamental species and other necessaries from traders of Chattogram. Major problems of aquarium business in Chattogram were sorted out through this study and some recommendations were made which may be useful for future enrichment of aquarium business in Chattogram.

Reference this Paper: Present status and future prospects of ornamental fishes at Chattogram region in Bangladesh by Uachash Barua, Sk. Ahmad-Al-Nahid published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VIII, Issue VI, June 2020 Edition, Page 34-42 ".

Search Terms: Present status, future prospects, ornamental fish, Chattogram, marketing channel

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