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Scirj Volume VII, Issue VI, June 2019 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Model and Strategy Acceleration of Rural Poverty Alleviation

Syaparuddin, Siti Hodijah

Abstract: Poverty is a very interesting phenomenon and has always been an issue that is always debated in the midst of society, technocratic or academic. This study aims to (1) Identify the description of the rural poverty of Jambi Province, (2) Formulate a model for accelerating rural poverty reduction in Jambi Province and (3) Designing strategy for accelerating rural poverty reduction in Jambi Province. The data analysis techniques used in combining qualitative and quantitative descriptive methods. The results showed that the number and percentage of poor people, most of the districts in Jambi Province tended to increase in 2017 compared to 2010. The districts were Merangin, Batang Hari, TanjungJabungTimur, TanjungJabung Barat, Bungo and Tebo. The model of accelerating rural poverty alleviation in Jambi Province which can be formulated is to encourage poor families to get out of poverty with the main actors being poor families themselves by always getting attention from the central government, regional government, private sector and universities in the form of coordination and integration. The main strategy that must be done is to empower the abilities, talents and skills of poor families and reduce all the limitations that exist in these poor families. The basic need approach for some poor people still needs to be done.

Reference this Paper: Model and Strategy Acceleration of Rural Poverty Alleviation by Syaparuddin, Siti Hodijah published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VII, Issue VI, June 2019 Edition, Page 41-46 ".

Search Terms: Model Acceleration, Strategy Acceleration, Poverty Alleviation

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