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Scirj Volume II, Issue VII, July 2014 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796


OKOKON B. ATTIH, David Akpabio Adams Ph.D.

Abstract: This study was carried out to identify and examine the role of information technology in marketing research in Nigeria as a basis for making sound decisions. Attempt was made to highlights some of the literature review on the marketing research and information technology. The descriptive research design was adopted for the study. Findings include that information technology tools such as internet, online marketing research, computer networks, information technology parks etc. assist marketing researchers a lot to carryout researches that provide management with relevant, accurate, valid and current information for sound decisions making. Some recommendations made include the following: the management, companies or sponsors of any marketing research study should provide adequate funds to the researchers to guarantee valid, relevant and accurate outcome for sound decisions making, the respondents should be adequately educated on the intended purpose and usage of the research study embarks upon by the marketing researchers and the latest information technology tools should be provided to the researchers to ensure accurate, relevant and valid outcomes.

Reference this Paper: THE ROLE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN MARKETING RESEARCH IN NIGERIA by OKOKON B. ATTIH, David Akpabio Adams Ph.D. published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume II, Issue VII, July 2014 Edition, Page 44-51 ".

Search Terms: Information Technology, Marketing Research, Nigeria

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