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Scirj Volume VI, Issue I, January 2018 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

The Role of Education Institutions in Conducting Radicalization Contract in Indonesia

Dr. Yusuf Ali

Abstract: The exposure of students by the radicalization program carried out by the radical group should be a problem that must be considered by educational institution in Indonesia, so later educational institution also pays attention to the charge counter radicalisation in the learning process which is done in their institution. One of the most influential educational institution which in Central Sulawesi was Alkhairaat Foundation which has schools and universities in Central Sulawesi. From research conducted with qualitative methods, it is found that Alkhairaat has been instrumental in implementing counter radicalisation by doing contra-grievances, contra-ideology and contra- mobilization, generally done in the community through da'wah (recitation and social activities carried out by the autonomous organization under Alkhairaat Foundation), and in particular institutionalized of education that is under the Alkhairaat Foundation, through character education by requires the implementation of the "Alkhairataan" curriculum which made directly by Alkhairaat Foundation and it should be applied. Obstacles faced by Alkhairaat Foundation in carrying out counter radicalization especially regarding budget constraints to carrying out the activity and to build supporting facilities activities. The role of Alkhairaat institutions in conducting counter radicalisation has managed to prevent the radicalisation of its environment, by applying "Alkhairataan" local content in schools, madrasah, boarding schools and University. So that the curriculum of Alkhairataan character education can bea model of making a character education curriculum that is currently being persued by the Government to be applied nationally in any school.

Reference this Paper: The Role of Education Institutions in Conducting Radicalization Contract in Indonesia by Dr. Yusuf Ali published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VI, Issue I, January 2018 Edition, Page 44-50 ".

Search Terms: Role of Educational Institution, Counter Radicalization, Character Education

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