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Scirj Volume I, Issue V, December 2013 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

The Relevance of Libyan Secondary School Materials to the Learners and their Needs

Mr. Salah O. I. Omar

Abstract: This research was designed to investigate how Libyan EFL secondary school teachers make the Libyan EFL published materials relevant to their learners. In order to address this issue, the researcher described and outlined the Libyan EFL context: teachers, learners, materials and the environment in and outside the classroom. Then different approaches and methods were described and their advantages and disadvantages in terms of the Libyan setting were discussed. At the end of this discussion, the researcher proposed a new approach to the Libyan setting, Lexico-grammatical Approach. Ten Libyan EFL secondary school teachers studying in the UK took part in questionnaire questions in order to find out about the research questions from their own view point and experience. Then The Libyan materials were described; their development and design was outlined and finally a framework from the literature on evaluation of the EFL material was developed and applied on the Libyan materials. Evaluating the Libyan materials and the teachers’ response to the questionnaire questions showed that there is a gap between what Libyan EFL learners’ need and what they are exposed to in their coursebook. The teachers showed that they have problems with lack of facilities, insufficient time available at school for English, large classes and lack of exposure to English outside the classroom. Libyan teachers also confirmed that Libyan learners are not motivated or interested in learning the language that they used extra sources and activities in order to involve and make learners interested in the learning process. In terms of making material relevant to their learners, the teachers emphasised the importance and the use of technology as well as using topics related the learners’ areas of interest and speciality.

Reference this Paper: The Relevance of Libyan Secondary School Materials to the Learners and their Needs by Mr. Salah O. I. Omar published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume I, Issue V, December 2013 Edition, Page 27-40 ".

Search Terms: EFL – Material Evaluation – Learners Needs – Libyan Context

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