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Scirj Volume VIII, Issue XII, December 2020 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

A Security System Using Seal, Blowfish and Idea Algorithm for Credit Card Data

Soleman, Azlan Irwan

Abstract: Document privacy is very important with communication technology in an innovative era of globalization. However, when the document changes hands or the document is sent, there is still a risk of data damage and the document can be changed by an unrelated party so that document security is necessary. If the confidentiality and authenticity of documents are damaged by irresponsible parties, the information is no longer useful. For this reason, a text encryption application was created using the SEAL, Blowfish and IDEA algorithms. A combination of these three algorithms will create better algorithm security for the company. The IDEA algorithm is a symmetric cryptography with high security which is not based on the confidentiality of the algorithm but emphasizes the security or confidentiality of the key used. The goal is to produce stronger and more secure data security, a combination of the SEAL algorithm for data encryption and the IDEA algorithm is used to maintain data confidentiality and security by going through the description process, as well as the Blowfish algorithm to maintain the confidentiality of user login data, so that only the person concerned can read the information. The important files that the researcher will secure are Emboss files in the form of credit card data and customer data with a Microsoft Office extension (.doc, .docx, xlx, .xlsx) and with text extension. The results of testing the SEAL, Blowfish and IDEA Algorithms are the time obtained to encode and decode is directly proportional to the size of the file being processed (the smaller the file size is processed, the faster the encode and decode process, the larger the file size, the longer it takes. encode and decode process).

Reference this Paper: A Security System Using Seal, Blowfish and Idea Algorithm for Credit Card Data by Soleman, Azlan Irwan published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VIII, Issue XII, December 2020 Edition, Page 67-74 ".

Search Terms: cryptography, idea, blowfish, seal, microsoft

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