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Scirj Volume II, Issue XII, December 2014 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Phenotypical Morphometry Variation of Aedes Aegyti in Manado

Wulan PJ Kaunang, Jantje Pelealu, Max Tulung, Christin Salaki

Abstract: Aedes aegypti (Linne, 1762) is the main vector of arboviruses, namely yellow fever, dengue and Chikungnya. In North Sulawesi it has found variation in morphology, ecology, behavior and vector competence. Vector control is still the best way to prevent dengue fever. Understanding the morphological characteristics that become characters in the phenotypic mosquito is very important in the efforts of controlling and classification. This study aims to find morphological variation of Aedes aegypti in the city of Manado. This research applies descriptive research techniques with direct experiments in the laboratory. The morphologic character of mosquito samples from selected locations were then measured by using a stereomicroscope KH8700 completed with cameras, measurement software of morphological characters and statistical programs. The morphometry data were then analyzed with multivariate and factor analysis by using IBM SPSS 20. The results showed that of the twelve morphological characters were analyzed, it was found that Aedes spp from 4 areas in the city of Manado has undergone phenotypical characters variations (morphology), characterized by the formation of five clusters or groups based on the degree of similarity in morphometry. There are three groupings of morphological characters which are variance factor of 1: (5.941 / 12) x 100% = 49.508%, variance factor of 2: 1.798 / 12) x 100% = 14.98%, and variance 3 factors: (1,184 / 12 x 100% = 9.86%.

Reference this Paper: Phenotypical Morphometry Variation of Aedes Aegyti in Manado by Wulan PJ Kaunang, Jantje Pelealu, Max Tulung, Christin Salaki published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume II, Issue XII, December 2014 Edition, Page 15-22 ".

Search Terms: variation, morphometry, Aedes aegypti, Manado

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