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Scirj Volume I, Issue I, August 2013 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Analysis of Factors Motivating Sri Lankan Organizations towards Green IT

Jayathilake M.T.D.A., Fernando M. S. D.

Abstract The green concepts have been now identified as the right element to connect both corporate innovation and environmental integration. It is encouraging to identify that few Sri Lankan organizations have initiated green concepts including green IT practices. There are internal as well as external factors which motivate Organizations towards ‘Greening’. This paper Identifies motivation factors for implementing Green IT among forty five Sri Lankan ‘Green awarded’ organizations. This data can be utilized in setting green targets of the country and for the benefit of organizations who are planning to ‘Go green’ in future facing minimal barriers with maximum productivity. The results show Green IT initiatives taken by majority of the green awarded Sri Lankan companies have aimed at cost minimization. Government energy efficiency regulations, , Greenhouse gas regulations, regulations on discarding e-waste, encouragement from industry associations show very low impact on motivating organizations towards achieving green IT. Green awarded organizations with clear vision and mission, are more focused and are more successful in retaining green concepts and green processes. In addition Defining a vision & mission will help an organizational management to educate their employees and motivate towards participating in greening their IT processes.

Reference this Paper: Analysis of Factors Motivating Sri Lankan Organizations towards Green IT by Jayathilake M.T.D.A., Fernando M. S. D. published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume I, Issue I, August 2013 Edition, page 7-13".

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