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Scirj Volume I, Issue I, August 2013 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Publication starts: 25th August 2013
Full Paper available from: 25th August 2013

Assets Effectiveness on Profitability of Manufacture Industry Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange Years 2010-2011
Agus Zainul Arifin, Novia Edwiana Paimanta

Abstract: This research was conducted to determine influence of working capital toward firm’s performance. The subjects of this research were all of the companies in the manufacturing industry its listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2010 until 2011. The objects in this research were Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC), Current Ratio (CR), Net Working Capital Turnover (NWCT), and Return on Assets (ROA).
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Analysis of Factors Motivating Sri Lankan Organizations towards Green IT
Jayathilake M.T.D.A., Fernando M. S. D.

Abstract: The green concepts have been now identified as the right element to connect both corporate innovation and environmental integration. It is encouraging to identify that few Sri Lankan organizations have initiated green concepts including green IT practices. There are internal as well as external factors which motivate Organizations towards ‘Greening’. This paper Identifies motivation factors for implementing Green IT among forty five Sri Lankan ‘Green awarded’ organizations.
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Recent Advancements & Methodologies in System Identification: A Review
Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Mohd Nasir Taib, Ramli Adnan

Abstract:SI is a discipline in control engineering concerned with inferring mathematical models from dynamic systems based on its input/output observations. Rich literature is available regarding SI due to its applications in understanding complex systems as well as to design control systems for complex processes.
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Collective Social Responsibility and Development Partnership: Towards Synergizing Citizens’ and Local NGOs’ Capacities in Nigeria
Reuben Ufot Etuk, Grace Reuben Etuk

Abstract:In recent times, the globe is witnessing a development strategy involving the formation of partnerships at different levels to assist developing countries like Nigeria, to be brought up to speed in the pursuit of sustainable social development.
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Current Status of Tourism Industry In Bangladesh: An Empirical Evaluation
Dr. Jannat Ara Parveen

Abstract:For many developing countries, in particular the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) tourism is considered to be the one of the fundamental pillars of their economic development. But despite having many prospects, this industry in Bangladesh remains neglected for a long time and the share of Bangladesh in world tourism is very poor.
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