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Scirj Volume II, Issue VII, July 2014 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Role of Government Reform in Bureaucracy in the Region

Budi Supriyatno

Abstract: Reform of government bureaucracy is a way to achieve "good governance", which can be the beginning of a state of advanced and modern. With the reform of governance systems more effectively and efficiently, is expected to materialize the impact of governance "Service" to the community is more precise, fast, and professional. In this bureaucratic reform role of the central government to provide guidance and assistance to local governments so that reforms can be run in accordance with community expectations. Indonesia has been reformed since 1998 and showed a positive development from the aspects of development accelerated implementation. However, there are still many problems arise because of the varied regional capabilities, the need for appropriate measures in dealing with problems that hinder the implementation of bureaucratic reform in the region. The problems encountered in the field include: Organization, legislation, human resource management, irregularities and abuse of authority, Public Service, and the pattern of thought (mind-set) and work culture (culture-sets) have not fully support the bureaucratic red tape that is efficient, effective and productive, and professional. This study aims to contribute to the government, both central and local government in order to reform the bureaucracy in areas including service-related.

Reference this Paper: Role of Government Reform in Bureaucracy in the Region by Budi Supriyatno published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume II, Issue VII, July 2014 Edition, Page 11-22 ".

Search Terms: government, reform, public service

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