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Scientific Research Journal

Scirj Volume VII, Issue IV, April 2019 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Publication starts: 25th April 2019
Full Paper available from: 25th April 2019

Socio – Economic Benefits and the Associated Environmental Degradation Effects of Osyris lanceolata (Hochst & Steudel) Utilization in Kitui County, Kenya
Mumbu Dominic Mutisya, Muusya Mwinzi and Kisangau Daniel Patrick

Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the utilization and socio–economic benefits of Osyris lanceolata (The East African Sandalwood) in Kitui County, Kenya. Data was collected using questionnaires and analysed using SPSS version 20. A total of 120 respondents were interviewed. The results revealed that 78% of the respondents were aware of existence of O. lanceolata plants in their region. From these respondents there were two main uses of O. lanceolata wood products which included; medicinal and perfumery oil production.
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Evaluation of Various Uses of Aloe barban-densis miller (L) Burm (Aloe Vera Plant) by Rural Dwellers In Ile-Ogbo, Ayedire Local Government, Osun State.
Aluko O.J.

Abstract: The study investigated the evaluation of various uses of Aloe barbandensis miller (L) Burm by rural dwellers in Ile-Ogbo, Ayedire Local Government, Osun State. A multistage sampling technique was employed to sample 60 respondents. Data were obtained with the aid of structured questionnaire. The data were subjected to descriptive (percentages and frequency) and inferential, chi-Square, statistics. The findings revealed that majority of the people who made use of Aloe barbandensis miller (L) Burm were female (65%) while male were (35%). Also, 35% of respondents were between ages of 30 - 39 years with majority (65%) of the respondents married while 47% of the respondents had primary school certificate. The study further shows that the awareness of Aloe was very high in the study area. The findings revealed that Aloe barbandensis miller (L) Burm is used for treating convulsion, malaria, burns, inflammation, pimple, eczema and skin rash in the agrarian community. It is therefore recommended that the plant should be planted by every household for easy accessibility. The establishment of aloe vera industries should be encouraged so that the people can benefit by supplying the raw materials which will serve as sources of income for the rural people.
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Evbogbai M. J. E. , Ogbikaya S.

Abstract: The effect of environmental conditions on photovoltaic modules is presented in this work. The average terminals voltages of three solar panels of 6, 12 and 33volts mounted on a gabbled rooftop of about 15meters high were examined for different priods.The result from the experiment reveals that the 6, 12 and 33volts panels by 7.30am generate their respective rated voltages. Further examination shows that between 12.00noon and 1.00pm local time, the panels output were maximally 9, 20.2 and 38volts respectively. Beyond 6.30pm the voltage readings from the panels decreases virtually to zero. Plots of the average voltage generated for different periods revealed time and cloud dependence. The voltages generated also depend on its angle of inclination with respect to the sun and location of the site. The result from the experimental data depict that photovoltaic power generated is sustainable and can satisfactorily power both domestic and industrial loads for capacity building.
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Abstract: Indiscriminate bioaccumulation of heavy metals in body have been linked to oxidative stress arising from peroxidation of membrane of biomolecules which consequently manifest as neurologic, hepatic, renal and cardiovascular disorders. Therefore this study is sought to investigate the protective and inhibitory effect of Solanum indicum leaf extract against lead acetate induced lipid peroxidation and hepatomegaly in liver of albino rats. Results showed that incubation of liver homogenate with the pro-oxidant (Pb2+) caused significant (P<0.05) increase in levels of thiobarbituric reactive substances (TBARS), while the extract offered highly significant (P<0.05) dose dependent inhibitory potential against the increase in TBARS induced by the pro-oxidant. Besides, results showed that treatment of rats in vivo with the respective doses of the extract significantly altered and attenuated serum and liver levels of biomarker enzymes (AST, ALT and ALP) in group C animals compared to rats in group B fed with lead acetate only that demonstrated significant (P<0.05) increase in enzyme activity while control group A received no treatment. Hence, the results suggest that Solanum indicum extract could confer protection on the liver tissues against oxidative stress and hepatomegaly and the extract may not be toxic at the doses investigated.
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Defect Detection of Ceramic Tiles using Median Filtering, Morphological Techniques, Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix and K-Nearest Neighbor Method
Riza Alamsyah, Ade Davy Wiranata, Rafie

Abstract: Manufacturing industry companies must be able to maintain the quality of each product produced, including manufacturing companies that produce ceramic tiles. For several years, automatic visual inspection has been applied to determine the quality of ceramic tiles produced. The difficulty of detecting defective ceramic tiles can have an impact on decreasing the quality of production, decreasing the level of consumer confidence, and decreasing profits for the company. The problem discussed in this research is how to defect detection of ceramic tiles so that the model built can improve accuracy to defect detection of ceramic tiles. The solution to this problem is to collect data in the form of ceramic tiles images, then preprocessing images data using Median Filtering to eliminate salt and paper noise and Morphological Techniques to improve images segmentation results. After preprocessing, texture image extraction data is based on texture using the Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) method which is continued by classifying images data using the K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) method. The results of this research are models that are built using the Median Filtering, Morphological Techniques, Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix and K-Nearest Neighbor method can improve accuracy to defect detection of ceramic tiles with an accuracy value of 98.9474% for k=3.
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Abstract: Ameliorative effect of Psidium guajava (PG) leaf extract on Paraquat (PQ) induced Renal and Reproductive Hormone toxicity in rats were investigated. Thirty healthy male wistar rats were used for the in vivo experiment. The rats were divided into five groups of six animals each. Extract was administered daily for thirty (30) days using normal saline. Animals received 3.5 mg/kg of PQ intraperitoneally on the 15th day of the experiment.
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The impact of inflation on the Libyan economy after the Arab Spring Revolution during the period (2011-2018)

Abstract: The study aims to identify the impact of inflation on the Libyan economy after the Arab Spring Revolution during the period (2011-2018). The study was collected between the descriptive and analytical method. The data of study based on the economic publications issued by the Central Bank of Libya. The study concluded that the Libyan economy is witnessing a rise in price levels due to a number of factors, the most important of which are the events that took place in Libya during the period (2011 - 2018). As the political turmoil in the country continues will lead to exacerbates the country inflation crisis.
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Anita De Grave, Ratna Ayu Damayanti, Syamsuddin

Abstract: This study aims to reveal in depth the meaning of the trust value in the Rambu Solo ceremony according to the Toraja people's understanding based on the practice of accounting for life. This study uses ethnometodology methods to achieve established research goals. By using an etho-methodological approach, this study seeks to uncover the meaning of trust in the traditional celebration of Rambu Solo Toraja community. The ethnometodology approach seeks to understand how people perceive, explain and describe their own life order. Ethnometodology seeks to understand how people begin to see, explain, and describe the order of the world in which they live.The results of the study illustrate that the trust value for the Toraja community in the Rambu Solo ceremony means that the value of honesty and trust is one of the foundations for the implementation of a solo sign, in which the process of receiving a family ceremony, there is no agreement and there is no record between the giver and the recipient, but each delivery will be returned when the person who gives the same ceremony.
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Ekejiuba Emeka Emmanuel, Ewuim Sylvanus Chima

Abstract: Insect fauna populations during the decomposition of sliced fermented African oil bean seeds ugba in two environments were studied in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. The study was carried out for eight weeks in the months of April to June, 2018. During the study period, the insects associated with the decomposing oil bean seeds were collected with sweep net and hand-picking methods. T-test was used to analyse the relative abundance of the insects collected between the two environments at 5% significance level. Species diversity was also calculated using Shannon Wiener Index of Diversity. The individual insects collected were identified into five (5) orders, eighteen (18) genera and twenty-one (21) species. A total of 392 insects were collected from the study and the total number of insects attracted to asynanthropic environment (218) was higher than those of synanthropic environment (174). The results further showed that out of the five insect orders captured, Coleoptera recorded the highest number of insects in both environments (241), while Blattodea and Hemiptera had the least number of insects (6) each. There was no significant difference between the insect orders attracted to asynanthropic and synanthropic environments (P=0.16) but there was significant difference between the total number of insects caught from the different orders in both environments (P=0.00). The relative occurrence of these insects suggests that decaying ugba is a convenient feeding and oviposition medium for many insects.
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Nina Yolanda

Abstract: One of the existence of the Asean Economic Community is to bring consequences to the opening of trade in goods and or services easily throughout Southeast Asia, which also influences the competition of local superior products against foreign imported products in Palembang City. Intellectual property-based legal protection of local superior products can have an impact on economic value for the welfare of business actors in regions, especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises so that they can compete healthily with imported products from abroad.
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Abstract: Dislocation of a joint is the total disruption of that joint such that bones forming the joint are no longer in contact. The disruption is usually due to application of an unexpected or an unbalanced force to the joint. In America and Europe the shoulder joint is the most dislocated joint. Need to document pattern of major joint dislocations and their causes in our environment prompted this work. Data was collected using the medical records of the hospital via patients’ folders, Ward admission registers and Theatre registers of patients admitted from January 2007 to December 2016. The inclusion criteria were all patients admitted into the hospital with closed dislocation due to trauma. Only dislocations involving major lower and upper limb joints were considered. Open dislocations were excluded. 124 patients with 126 dislocations involving 82 males and 42 females were found. The commoner forms of dislocations noted were hip dislocation 84 cases (66.7%) and shoulder dislocation 20 cases (15.8%). Dislocations were seen most in the third decade life.
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The impact of oil export fluctuations in the gross domestic product: Analytical study on the Libyan economy (Through the period 2008-2018)
Iman Elhusadi

Abstract: The study aims to analyse the reality of oil exports (oil crude, oil derivatives and natural gas) and their contribution to the growth of gross domestic product during the period 2008 to 2018 by tracking the economic indicators that reflect the changes occurred as a result of the Arab Spring revolutions (the Libyan revolution as model). We tried to determine the state of the national economy, where the researcher concentrated on GDP, and the oil exports through tracking the indicators issued by the Planning Secretariat, and the National Information and Documentation Authority, the annual publications and reports of the Libyan Central Bank. We used the descriptive analytical approach. Our study demonstrated that during the years 2008-2018 the country witnessed a contraction in economic activity, as the political unrest in Libya has negatively impacted on economy, and it caused a 70% drop in oil and gas production. This decline played an important role in the decline of exports of oil and natural gas in the Libyan economy. The important result of the study is the oil sector plays a vital and important role in the Libyan economy as it is the main source of income, foreign exchange returns, financial revenues, and these fluctuations in oil sector led to lower GDP.
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Abstract: Nigerian state, just like many other states in the world today, has suffered and continues to experience the devastating effects of terrorist activities with its untold consequences on socio-economic, political and cultural lives of the people. Since the returned to democracy in 1999, Nigeria has been grappling with the phenomenon of terrorism such as the Boko Haram terrorism that posed a serious challenge to national security. This paper, though based on social identity theory, examined the spate of terrorism, national security challenges and the role of media and democratic sustainability in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. In carrying out the study, secondary data were explored and content analysis applied. The study thus revealed that insecurity and terrorism are inimical to democratic sustainability and development of Nigeria. Systemic corruption, malicious media report, ethno-religious, political and economic-based violence, including pervasive illiteracy, unemployment and poverty are some of the pre-disposing factors and challenges of national security in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. To stem the tide of terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria, there must be ethical re-orientation in media practice, a genuine and inclusive fight against corruption, pervasive unemployment and poverty, as well as addressing the issues of ethno-religious, political and economic-based violence with robust improvement in national security architecture.
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Nwaoke, Emmanuel Emeka

Abstract: Igbo as an endangered language can be rescued from language death. Language documentation is the answer to its endangerment since it helps in preserving and stabilizing the lexicon, grammar and oral tradition of a language and a people. The purpose of this research is to x-ray the importance of Library and Information (and Communication) Technologies in documentation, revitalization and promotion of Igbo language in order to overcome all forms of endangerment. This paper reviewed and examined the role of library as an information storehouse and the significant role of ICT infrastructures in documentation, development and management of Igbo language resources. The study revealed that Igbo language can be documented through libraries and ICT supports. The library functions as a language repository and through the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), access to Igbo language materials and other library resources in print and electronic forms would be easier and faster for a greater number of people. This makes the Igbo language materials readily available for everyone notwithstanding their geographical locations; hence the materials for Igbo language acquisition and learning will be easier and affordable. The study postulates that though UNESCO stated that Igbo language would be in extinction in no distant time, that through Igbo language documentation, library contributions and the use of ICTs by individuals and cooperate organizations as well as establishment of Igbo language documentation centres for print and virtual/digital resources and availability of such materials for public use, such prediction of extinction and its consequences would die naturally.
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Gender, Educational attainment and Marital Instability as Predictors of Religious Affiliation among married teaching staff of Nigerian Universities
Kelly Osariemen Okpamen, Sunday Ojonugwa Ameh

Abstract: The study examines the influence of gender, educational attainment and marital instability as predictors of religious affiliation among married teaching staff of Nigerian Universities. Using convenience sampling approach, data was collected from 324 married Participants whose ages ranges between 20-60 years. Marital Instability Index (MII) and Religious Affiliation Scale (RAS) were used for data collection. Hypotheses were tested using SPSS version 20.Genderand educational attainment shows to be positively and negatively influence religious affiliation respectively, while marital instability on the other hand, was found not to be a significant predictor of religious affiliation. Finally, there was a significant interactive effect of gender, educational status and marital instability on religious affiliation. Based on the findings, it was recommended that teaching staff should avoid allowing their educational attainment and marital conflict affect their level of religious devotion and commitment to their faith.
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Modelling Tourism and Economic Growth Nexus in Africa: A Symmetric Panel ARDL Approach
Yunana Ishemu Zumba, Funmilayo Gift Adeshola, Oguama Sarah Chiagoziem, Magai Abe

Abstract: We model the nexus between tourism and economic growth in Africa using annual data that runs from 1995-2016 for 48 African countries. We approach the study in two ways – all the selected African countries and each of the five regions of the continent distinctly. Symmetric panel Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) and Granger non-causality test were utilized for the study. Our empirical evidence affirms that tourism is indispensable for growth in Africa, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Africa in the long run. In the short run, tourism contributes insignificantly to growth in Central, Northern, Southern and Western Africa but insignificantly reduces growth in Africa and Eastern Africa. We observe an evidence of bidirectional causality between tourism and economic growth in Africa, Central, Eastern and Northern Africa, a unidirectional causality from growth to tourism in West Africa and from tourism to growth in Northern Africa. We therefore conclude that tourism drives economic growth in Africa.
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Non-specific low back pain and its associated risk factor among the private universities students of Dhaka city
A. K. M Rezwan, Pradip Kumar Saha, Sultana Farhat Jahan, Sharmin Abeda Rafiq

Abstract: Non-specific low back pain is the most common causes of severe long-term pain and physical disability, affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. Objective: The aim of the study was to determine the non-specific low back pain and its associated risk factor among the private universities students of Dhaka city.
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The Economic Dispatch of the Power Generated from the Proposed Nigerian 330kV Integrated Network using ETAP 12.6 Software
Ogbikaya S., Ike S. , Evbogbai M. J. E.

Abstract: This work analyses the Economic Dispatch of the power generated from the Proposed Nigerian 330KV integrated network using ETAP 12.6 software and the result simulated by Matlab software. The result obtained revealed that not all the generating stations of the Proposed Nigerian 330KV network will be in circuit during optimal power flow. The generating stations that are out of circuit are thermal power stations. This reduces the cost of generation, waste as well as saves energy from the installed capacity of generation. The result further reveal that the real and reactive transmission losses in the entire network is reduced to 45.41MW and 257.98MVar respectively.
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Analysis and Reporting of Case Studies, Global Healthcare in an Aging Society
Neville Greening

Abstract: Global Healthcare in an aging society is a massive challenge for all nations and their respective governments. Naturally, health insurance, wealth fare costs, pension, medical expenses, and nursing care will dramatically increase shortly. The long-term economic, social, and geopolitical implications will be catastrophic for countries who are currently experiencing this phenomenon. The contemplated research will focus on elucidations by Yin (2013 pg. 127), where an analytic case study would be vital in explaining, describing, or exploring phenomenological events in our everyday contexts where they occur. And so, there is a need for repeated sorting as well as reviewing of rich-in-detailed data that is integral to the healthcare context using numerous general strategies (Yin, 2013 pg. 130).
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