Pre-Clinical Research of Gelatin/Alginate Yarn for Medical Textile

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Pre-Clinical Research of Gelatin/Alginate Yarn for Medical Textile


This study had prepared mixed of 75/25 gelatin/alginate yarn used as suture biomaterials. The raw materials were commercial gelatin powder of 250 Bloom gel strength and sodium alginate extracted from brown seaweed of Sargassum species. Process was done by wet spinning using spinnerets size 2000 μ. Solution consist of a mix gelatin and alginate on the viscosity of 3000 cps and pH 7, made by wet spinning method and coagulated in CaCl2 solution and alcohol to produce yarn which is used as surgical sutures. Final treatment carried out with transglutaminase enzyme (TGA) and glutaraldehyde. Tests result of physical properties on the optimum condition include tensile strength of 1024 g (10 042 N), knot strength of 688.5 g (6.75 N), diameter of yarn 0.31 to 0.34 mm (No. USP = 3), and elongation of about 12%, had qualify to the requirements of U.S. Pharmacopeia 29-NF 24. Preclinical trials on mice had passed the test, i.e. no irritation occurs, can close the body tissue of their incision, wound healing clinical evidence and the yarn can be degraded in the animal tissues.


Rifaida Eriningsih, Rini Marlina


Scirj Volume II, Issue III, March 2014 Edition


Scientific Research Journal (Scirj)
ISSN: 2201-2796


25 Mar 2014



Rifaida Eriningsih, Rini Marlina , “Pre-Clinical Research of Gelatin/Alginate Yarn for Medical Textile ,” Scientific Research Journal -> Research Library, accessed June 24, 2019,

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