Radiographic Cardiac Indices in West African Dwarf Goats

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Radiographic Cardiac Indices in West African Dwarf Goats


In veterinary radiology, determination of cardiac features is necessary in the assessment of animals with clinical signs of heart disease. In this work, thoracic radiographs of 10 clinically normal West African Dwarf Goats (WADGs) without any evidence of cardio-thoracic anomaly were examined. The aim of the research was to approximate reference values for radiographic cardiac indices of normal caprine heart image in dorsoventral, ventrodorsal and right lateral projections. The mean radiographic cardiac index was 0.64±0.01 and 0.67±0.01 in DV views and VD views respectively. In 90 per cent of the patients, the cardiac silhouette was found located between the third and sixth ribs, while in the remaining 10 per cent of the animals, the heart shadow was seen between ribs two and five. The two-thirds rule observed in dogs and cats is also applicable to the WADG. Use of radiographic cardiac indices and cardiac silhouette location in diagnosis is easy and objective in clinical practice.


R. O. Ukaha



Scirj Volume III, Issue I, January 2015 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796


R. O. Ukaha , “Radiographic Cardiac Indices in West African Dwarf Goats ,” Scientific Research Journal -> Research Library, accessed January 22, 2019,

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