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Scirj Volume VI, Issue III, March 2018 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Corruption and Underdevelopment in Nigeria: Challenges and Solutions

Sunday M.A. Aloko, Usman Abdullahi

Abstract: Corruption has beyond reasonable doubt retarded the growth and development of a nation full of potential like Nigeria. As one of the major challenges confronting the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it has not only degraded the moral values of the country, it has also permeated its politics, economy and the security apparatuses necessary for the peace, unity and development of the country. Consequently, corruption has been overwhelmingly identified as one of the major factors in the socio-economic and political underdevelopment of Nigeria. The recognition of the fact that corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the Nigerian society has motivated successive administrations since independence to embark on series of reforms in public administration with the view of achieving greater efficiency, discipline and productivity in the Nigerian public service. Although the intended reforms were brilliantly crafted and widely publicised, the anticipated gains were never realised due to the absence of a political will and also in-built corrupt mechanisms within the committees put in place to rid Nigeria of corruption. To be candid, the inability of successive governments to tackle corruption cum the lackluster response to corrupt practices perpetuated by government functionaries tend to give members of the public the impression that corruption has been legitimized because it has somewhat become a national way of life in Nigeria. Thus, this paper intends to examine the relationship between corruption and underdevelopment, and to x-ray the challenges corruption poses and the possible solutions to the menace of corruption in Nigeria.

Reference this Paper: Corruption and Underdevelopment in Nigeria: Challenges and Solutions by Sunday M.A. Aloko, Usman Abdullahi published at: "Scientific Research Journal (Scirj), Volume VI, Issue III, March 2018 Edition, Page 1-10 ".

Search Terms: Corruption, Underdevelopment

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