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Scirj, Volume VI [2019]
January Issue [In Process]

Scirj, Volume VI [2018]
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Scientific Research Journal

Scirj Volume VI, Issue VIII, August 2018 Edition
ISSN: 2201-2796

Publication starts: 25th August 2018
Full Paper available from: 25th August 2018

George Otiki Makori , Prof. Edward George Mamati, Prof. John Bosco Njoroge

Abstract: In Kenya, the construction industry accounts for 5% of the country GDP and employs about 1 million people with an estimated annual wage bill of 3.2 billion. Despite the highlighted gains of the sector, there are negative attributes associated with construction work as the International Labor Organization estimates at least 60,000 fatal accidents occur each year on construction sites around the world. There was hence a need to evaluate factors that contribute to occurrence of accidents at construction sites in order to avail much needed information that can help minimize accidents. Occurrence of accidents at building construction sites in Nairobi County was modelled against technical factors, skills, working environment, occupational health and safety practices. Thirty project sites were purposively sampled and evaluated.
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The Effect of Some Immunological Indicators Associated with Systemic lupus erythematosus Disease
Wasan Abdulateef Majeed Al-Azzawi

Abstract: The current study was conducted on a sample of Iraqi patients with ""Systemic lupus erythematosus"( SLE) disease that affects the joints and kidneys. Blood tests were gathered from 32 patients with rheumatic ulcers, matured somewhere in the range of 13 and 50 years, with 96.87% of females. A total of 32 other blood samples of with Systemic lupus erythematosusin kidney disease were found between the ages of 16 and 65, of whom 90.62% were females. For the purpose of comparison, 32 other blood samples were collected from healthy individuals (control) between 21 and 54 years of age, 53.12% of whom were females. The relationship between a number of immunological markers and the disease was studied, including the presence of antinuclear antibodies such as antigenpo (RPP) , antigenSCI70 anti-antigen (AMA-M2), antigen (Jo1) and antigen PM-ScI. The results showed that none of these antibodies appeared in serum samples for healthy control, while they all appeared in serum samples for patients with "Systemic lupus erythematosus" diseasethat affects the joints and kidneys. The analytical tests gave a positive result for the serum antigenpo (RPP) of 43.75%, 31.25% of the aggregate number of patients with joints and kidneys separately, SCI70 antigen (18.75% and 6.25%) and antigen AMA-M2 (31.15%). (15.62% and 3.13%), antigens PM-ScI (34.37% and 12.50%) of the aggregate number of patients with joints and kidneys respectively, also, in light of these outcomes, the appearance of these antigens In the above percentages in the serum of the immunological indicators important to diagnose the Systemic lupus erythematosus disease that affects the joints and kidneys.
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Muhammad Usman , Muhammad Ahmad

Abstract: Foreign direct investment is considered to be an important factor in economic growth of a country and in most of the developing countries such as Pakistan, FDI inflows is seen as vital catalyst for its development. It improves the economic growth of a country by simulating native investment, facilitating technology transfers in recipient country and increasing human capital development. This study is analyzed to check the impact and relationship of selective macroeconomic variables such as terrorism, inflation rate, market size, interest rate, democracy, and trade openness on foreign direct investment in Pakistan for the period of 1980 to 2013 through ARDL approach. The major findings of this study show that inflation rate, interest rates, democratic GOVT regimes and terrorism attacks are affecting the FDI inflows in Pakistan and all has long run association with FDI, whereas in short run inflation, interest rates and terrorism attacks show negative and market size show positive relationship with FDI inflows in Pakistan. Furthermore, trade openness has no impact on FDI in both long run and short run and is insignificant. The findings of this study suggest that increased interest rates and inflation rates in Pakistan will cause lower FDI inflows. The gross domestic product as market size increases it has positive impact on FDI inflows in Pakistan. The terrorisms attacks are major problem for Pakistan’s economy. The results show that previous terrorism attacks are affecting FDI inflows negatively in the short time span, but in long run it becomes positive. It means Pakistan economy has capacity to cover its problems and not much suffers from such attacks.
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Effect of Taxation on Dynamic Capital Structure Decisions of Quoted Industrial Firms in Nigeria

Abstract: The study investigated the effect of taxation on dynamic capital structure financing decisions of quoted industrial firms in Nigeria, using panel data collected from the annual report of the above mentioned companies within the period of fifteen years spanning 2003-2017. The study used longitudinal and ex-post facto research design. The sampled data was analyzed using simple regression tools. The study decomposed the different tax components into individual tax level and corporate tax level. The analysis of the result showed a significant positive relationship between company income tax and capital structure financing using dynamic model approach. The result revealed positive significant relationship between interest tax, tax shield and the companies equity ratio. In principle, the results support the view that capital structure financing choices are significantly affected by taxation both at individual and corporate level. Based on the result of the analysis and its findings, the study recommends among others that in making capital structure financing decisions, firms should consider the effect of taxes at both the individual level and company level. Industrial firms should also optimize the mix of debt financing in order to enjoy the associated benefits in terms of increase in tax shield.
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Kamal Gautam, PhD

Abstract: This article belongs to professional development of health education in Nepalese context. It comprises its concept on different aspects of professional development as quality assurance, research, advocacy, promoting the profession, and dynamic/contemporary practice in health education. It is based on review of the work done at national level for professional development in health education.
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Attitude of Yoga among Girl Students in Public Campuses of Nepal
Suresh Jang Shahi

Abstract: The main objective of this paper was to compare and analyze the attitude of yoga of the girl students of two public campuses. Initially, it was hypothesized that there is significance difference in attitude of yoga between the girl students of two public campuses. Altogether 100 hundred girl students of the campuses, 50 students from each campus were selected. These respondents were taken through convenient cum proposing sampling method. A five- point Likert-type scale was applied for data collection from the selected students who participated in practical examination of bachelor of education. There were 10 positive and 10 negative opinion statements; altogether 20 opinion statements were used for data collection. It was found that all respondents showed positive attitudes towards yoga. In comparison to Bardibas Janata Multiple Campus students, Kailali Multiple Campus students were more favorable towards yoga. For the purpose of test whether there is significant difference in score between the girls of two campuses the t-test score was applied as statistical test at the 0.05 level of significance. The t-test was significant in both positive (p=0.086 ˂ α=0.05) and negative (p=0.028 < α=0.05) statements at 0.05 level of significance. It is enough evidence in the data to accept the hypothesis of this paper. Hence, there is significant difference between attitudes of yoga score between the girls of two campuses. The community, family, social institutions, television, radio, booklets, magazines, newspaper, internet, sporting and yogic programmed were the main source of knowledge. These sources has played crucial role to affect their difference attitude.
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Abstract: The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of Management Support In Human Resources and Information Technology On The Effectiveness Of Information Systems. Population and Sample consist This study took the Village Device population in Pandaan District, Pasuruan Regency, East Java with a population of 119 people with details of 10 Village Heads, 10 Village Secretaries, 30 Kaur Desa people and 69 Village Heads.Data were collected through questionnaires and analysis method used is path analysis (path analysis) processed with software Smart Partial Least Square (PLS).Based on the results of parametric calculations, it is known that Management Support has a significant influence on IT Capabilities and Resource Competencies and has a significant effect on the effectiveness of Information Systems. Likewise, IT capabilities and resource competencies have a significant influence on the effectiveness of information systems.
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Bolaji-Olutunji K. A, Ugege B.H, Adebayo D.O, Odediran F.A and Adebayo O.

Abstract: A multi-stage sampling technique was used in selecting respondents for this study. The first stage involved a purposive selection of three Local Government Areas (LGAs) that are known primarily for Shea butter production in the state. In the second stage, two communities were randomly selected from each of the LGAs to arrive at a total of 6 communities. Three Local government areas were selected with a total number of 100 respondents were sampled in the study area. The people used traditional methods of production because of their low level of education (only 1% of producer respondent had tertiary education) and the high cost of modern technology. The result of the estimates for parameters of the frontier model on the determinants of technical efficiency showed that cost of labour (P>0.01), fixed variables (P>0.05) and consumable variables (P>001) were negatively related to technical efficiency of Shea butter production and were significant at various levels. The significant value of these variables and their negative effects as shown affirmed the fact that these inputs were the major factors driving the technical efficiency of Shea butter production in Oke Ogun areas of Oyo state. The quantity of seed was positively related to technical efficiency and significant at 1%. This indicated that the more the Shea nut availability the higher the technical efficiency of Shea butter production in the study area.
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Δ log r technique in quantitative estimation of source rock in Ameshi-001 well, Niger Delta
Benson Akinbode Olisa

Abstract: Total organic matter (TOC) estimation in the Niger Delta employed laboratory methods which gives elements of uncertainty because analyses were not done insitu. In addition, laboratory analysis is time consuming and very costly. The purpose of this analysis is to test if Δ log R technique could be applicable in the analysis of organic rich rocks in the Niger Delta. Four basic quantitative methods for determination of total organic carbon (TOC) from well logs are available, which include, directly from regression of core TOC versus core bulk density, Δ log R technique, based on the petro physical response model and an artificial neural network. Δ log R technique is employed in this study to identify source rock and estimate TOC. The reservoir interval was removed by gamma ray (GR) log curves. Carefully scaled resistivity and sonic curves were placed in the same track in log panels. In organic lean rocks (sandstone), the two curves are on top of each other, but in organic rich rocks (shale) the two curves are separated. Results shows that out of twelve sampling points, six calculated TOC were comparable with the laboratory results at corresponding depths.
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Investigation of Petroleum Source Rock Potential and Maturity in Pologbene-001 from resistivity and density logs, Northern Depobelt Eocene Deposits, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Benson Akinbode Olisa

Abstract: Petroleum source rock potential and maturity of Pologbene-001 in the Northern depobelt was investigated using Rock-Eval, resistivity and bulk density data. The Rock-Eval data was used to select Eocene age. TOC was calculated from gamma ray (GR) curve to determine the TOC variation in shale sections. The source rock potential was further investigated using the density and resistivity data. These studies were done to resolve the controversies generated regarding the origin of petroleum source rock in the Niger Delta. Results showed that ten shale sections were considered good for source rock analysis based on their thicknesses, greater than 30ft (100m). GR (TOC) calculated from GR curve indicated that TOC decreases with depth. Agbada sections (shallower formation) has GR (TOC) that ranges from 3.7 to 4.4wt%, while Akata sections (deeper formation) has GR (TOC) averages 3.8 and 3.9 wt%. Trends of the bulk density and resistivity data were unable to detect the source rock directly in Agbada sections, but resistivity variation with depth was confirmatory. Akata sections were easily identified with opposite trends of resistivity and bulk density curves together with clear maturity zones. Investigations showed three zones of organic maturity of source rocks: an immature zone above, a peak generation and accumulation zone in the middle and a mature, expulsion and migration zone at the base. True resistivity (Rt) is low in the immature zone, increase to maximum in the accumulation zone, and deceases to an intermediate value in the migration zone.
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Performance Characteristics of Starter Broiler Chicks Fed Dietary Sun-Dried Sweet Orange Peel Meal (SOPM) with and Without Polyzyme®
Sunmola, T .A., Tuleun, C. D. and Oluremi, O.I.A.

Abstract: The study was carried out to evaluate the performance characteristics of starter broiler chicks fed diet containing sun-dried sweet orange peel meal with and without polyzyme®. Fresh sweet orange peel was collected from sweet orange fruits retail sellers and was immediately sun-dried on concrete platforms to attain less than 12 % moisture. It was ground and mixed with other feed ingredients to produce six (6) experimental diets T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6. Two hundred and sixteen (216) unsexed day-old Abor acer plus broiler chicks were randomly assigned to the six dietary treatments of 36 chicks each and 12 chicks per replicate. The experimental diets had 2 levels of Polyzyme® (0 % and 0.04 %) and 3 levels of sun-dried sweet orange peel meal (15 %, 20 % and 25 %) and the experimental was fitted into the completely randomized design. Chicks were fed these diets T1 - 15 % sun-dried sweet orange peel meal + 0 % polyzyme®, T2 - 20 % sun-dried sweet orange peel meal + 0 % polyzyme®, T3 - 25 % sun-dried sweet orange peel meal + 0 % polyzyme®, T4 - 15 % sun-dried sweet orange peel meal + 0.04 % polyzyme®, T5 - 20 % sun-dried sweet orange peel meal + 0.04 % polyzyme® and T6 - 25 % sun-dried sweet orange peel meal + 0.04 % polyzyme®. Broiler chicks fed 15 % dietary SOPM with and without polyzyme® had significantly (P<0.05) highest final weight, weight gain and feed intake. Experimental diets did not show significant effect (P>0.05) on dry matter, crude protein, crude fibre and nitrogen free extract digestibility. There was interaction between polyzyme® and sweet orange peel meal on nitrogen free extract at 15 % and 25 % which was influenced by polyzyme®.
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Biosorption of Cr(VI) by Parthenium hysterophorus biomass
Durga Prasad pandey

Abstract: Biosorption of heavy metals is a promising technology that involves the removal of toxic metals from waste water. The present study aims to screen the Parthenium hysterophorus for its potential biosorption of Chromuim (VI). The biosorption equilibrium data were well fitted by the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The biosorption kinetics showed that the equilibrium was reached within 10 min. The maximum removal of Cr (VI) by Parthenium hysterophorus was estimated to be 71% in 50 mg/l of Cr(VI). In conclusion, Parthenium hysterophorus is proposed as an excellent biosorbent with potentially important applications in removal of heavy metals pollutants from wastewaters.
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Problems of Female Community Health Volunteers Providing Health Care Service in Nepal
Dr. Deep Bahadur Adhikari

Abstract: The present research paper was the problems of Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) regarding health care in Nepal. The main objective of this study was to identify health care practice and problems of FCHVs. The descriptive research design was used in this paper. The purposive and census sampling method were applied for this paper. The primary data were collected from 55 FCHVs of Baglung district of Nepal. Result showed more number of the respondents 20 percent belonged on the middle age group (45 to 50 years). Higher proportion of the respondents 78.18 percent were found literate. Similarly, majority of respondents 95.72 percent were trained and few 4.28 percent were untrained. Regarding the knowledge most of the FCHVs 77 percent had knowledge on immunization like, BCG, TT, and measles vaccine, 96.36 percent had knowledge on health check-up during pregnancy and 97 percent of FCHVs were aware from communicable disease. Research showed FCHVs were found involved and contributed in teaching about preparing ORS, importance of breast feeding, regular health checkup and making Sarbottam Pitho.
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Scirj, Volume VI [2019]
January Issue [In Process]

Scirj, Volume VI [2018]
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